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When it comes to repairs the bike shop has what you need. From the simple tube replacement to a bike overhaul we are confident in our ability to repair your bike!

Labor rates are subject to change.

All service is guaranteed for 30 days.

A 50% deposit is required on all department store bicycle repairs exceeding $20.00.

With purchase of new bikes 10% off accessories and 50% off on labor to install.

Shop Supply Fee: $3.00

Any repair with a labor charge of $20.00 or more will have a $3.00 charge added. This charge will enable us to have the necessary products to properly service your bicycle. These shop supplies include:

Alcohol, prep pads, Frame Saver treatment, Anti-seize Compound, Mechanic’s gloves,

Bearing grease, Mineral oil, Bike polish, No tubes sealant, Brake cleaner, Parts cleaner fluid and disposal, Brake fluid, Rags. Chain lubricant, Shock oil, Cutting fluid, Tools, Degreaser, Touchup paint, and Electrical tape

“No charge” servicing (included with all The Bike Shop purchased bicycles for one year of original ownership.) Service is non-transferable.

    Safety check

    On bike wheel truing

    Minor brake and derailleur adjustments

    Minor hub/headset/bottom bracket

    (Does not include cleaning or polishing)

Shop Rate $60.00/hr

Minimum Service Charge $5.00

Bicycle Cleaning $25.00 (mandatory on all dirty bicycles)

Tune-UP Services

Overhaul $150.00

Premium tune-up $85.00

Tandem tune-up $45.00 and up

Basic tune-up $50.00

Assembly and Disassembly

Box to ship $45.00

Geared bike assembly $50.00

High end road/mtb assembly from box $80.00

High end tri/tandem assembly from box $100.00

Reassembly (After shipment) $50.00

Single speed / department store kids bike assembly $35.00

Custom Builds

Custom BMX build $70.00

Custom mountain / road bike build $100.00

Custom triathlon/TT bike build $150.00


Adjust brakes $10.00(per brake)

Adjust disc brakes (Cable actuated) $10.00

Adjust/bleed disc brakes $20.00

Install cable disc brakes $25.00

Install caliper/linear brakes $25.00

Install disc brake pads $10.00

Install hydraulic disc brakes $25.00


Adjust bottom bracket $15.00

Adjust derailleur $10.00

Install derailleur $15.00

Install 3-piece crank $30.00

Install chain rings $15.00

Install pedals $5.00

Install left or right shifter $20.00

Install left or right shifter / brake lever combo $30.00

Install STI shifters $60.00

Remove and/or install cassette $7.50

Remove and/or install freewheel $7.50

Steering Assembly

Cut / prep steer tube $15.00

Install fork $40.00

Install grips $5.00

Install handlebar tape $12.00

Install non-road handlebars $15.00

Install headset $30.00

Overhaul headset $35.00

Overhaul suspension fork (Air) $85.00

Overhaul suspension fork (Coil) $60.00

Wheels, Tires, and Tubes

Adjust front hub $10.00

Overhaul front hub $25.00

Adjust rear hub $15.00

Overhaul rear hub $30.00

Install new wheel, tire, and tube $15.00

Install tubeless kit $20.00/per wheel

Install spoke, dish, and tension $20.00

Install tire liner $15.00

Install tube and tire $5.00

Install tubular $35.00

Remove tubular glue $75.00

True wheel laterally, radially, tension & dish $25.00

True wheel laterally and radially $20.00

Custom wheel build $50.00

Install and/or remove wheel decals $60.00/per hour

Frame and Bottom Bracket

Install cartridge bottom bracket $20.00

Install press fit bottom bracket $25.00

Install traditional bottom bracket $25.00

Overhaul bottom bracket $30.00

Remove seized bottom bracket $60.00/per hour

Remove seized seat post $60.00/per hour

Install internally routed cable $20.00

Accessories and Other

Install aerobars $30.00

Install bar ends $5.00

Install basket $5.00

Install BMX pegs $5.00

Install clip-on fenders $5.00

Install basic computer $12.00

Install cadence computer $20.00

Install kickstand $5.00

Install lighting system $10.00

Install mirror $5.00

Install rear rack $12.00

Install saddle/seat $10.00

Install toe clips on pedals $10.00

Install training wheels $12.00

Replace axles and install training wheels $35.00